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Hello, I’m taking domestic telecommunication policy class and i need help in doing a research paper. The research paper should not exceed 6 pages, including cover page and references. The professor suggested some research topics so you can pick the easiest topic to you. Once you pick the topic tell me to send you pages from the textbook. SUGGESTED PROJECT/RESEARCH TOPICS:

1.Purpose and nature of domestic government (federal &state) regulation of broadcasting.

or global regulation of radio and TV signals (pp. 467-471).

2.Birth of broadcast regulation (e.g. Radio Acts, Communication Act of 1934, NTIA) (pp.472-474).

3.FCC organization and procedures/licensing (pp.475-481).

4.Broadcast content regulation (e.g. Fairness Doctrine, Political broadcasting) (pp. 483-486).

5.Indecency on the airwaves (Indecency Rule, FCC v. Pacifica Foundation-1978, “Safe Harbor,” Howard Stern Show) (pp.497-505).

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