APA Referencing

When you are formatting your assignment or any document in the APA style, you need to create a reference list. This list should contain all the recoverable resources cited in the document. You do not need to cite personal communication (interview, survey data, etc.) as they do not provide recoverable data.

There’s no APA bibliography or “Works Cited” page in APA style formatting. Instead, you need to list the references in a fresh page titled “Reference.” The title should be centered in a regular font without any underline or bolding. If there’s only one reference in the list, the title should be named “Reference.”

The references are generally double-space, but your instructor can direct you to follow a different measurement for spacing. The references need to be listed alphabetically by the first listed author’s name. Each of the references should be formatted with a hanging indent. It means the first line of each reference entry needs to be aligned with the left margin, and the subsequent line should have the hanging indent of 1.27 cm or 0.5 inches.