English Assignment


Prepare a list of FOUR possible sources you MIGHT use for Project #3.
Format your list in correct MLA style just as you would prepare your Works Cited page. (Listed alphabetically by author, etc.)
On a second sheet of paper, provide short summaries (3-5 sentences) of TWO of the four sources. 

The instructions are listed up are from the professor. I uploaded the 2 sources (articles) for you so you could write a 1 page summary that contains 1 paragraph of each source.


Body building: Using Steroids Paper

Yu et al. (2014)

            The aim of this paper was to determine how the administration of anabolic androgen steroids affect the skeletal muscle of the users who have used them for several years. To answer this question, the researchers recruited seventeen athletes and requested information from them regarding their use of banned substances. Of the seventeen interviewees, ten admitted that they had been using anabolic androgen steroids for a duration ranging between 5 and 15 years. The researchers tested the body composition and muscle strength after recording the type of substance abused and dosage for each of the participants. They then evaluated morphological aspects of the muscle biopsies, including fiber size, and composition in terms of fiber type. Multivariate statistics were used to analyze the data. The results were compared with those of athletes who had not engaged in doping. Based on this analysis, the study concluded that administering anabolic androgen steroids for several years leads to an increase in muscle fiber size, lean leg mass, and a corresponding improvement in the athletes’ muscular strength and that all these effects vary depending on the dose. Thus using anabolic androgen steroids can lead to enhanced physical performance among humans.


Rickert, Pawlak-Morello, Sheppard and Jay (1992)

            This study’s aim was to find out whether adolescents in two sample locations were using HGH (human growth hormones). It also examined whether much is known about the effects of these hormones as well as reasons why adolescents use them. Lastly, the study set out to determine whether human growth hormones are being used concurrently with anabolic steroids. The study’s findings suggested that majority of the male participants surveyed were aware of the existence of human growth hormones. Moreover, 31 percent of the male adolescents surveyed stated that they aware of someone who was already using the substances. Moreover, the study revealed that human growth hormones are indeed being used concurrently with anabolic steroids. Moreover, most users of human growth hormones were ignorant of its adverse effects. Lastly, the study did not detect any differences between HGH users and non-users based on age and sporting activity.

Works Cited

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Yu, Ji-Guo., Bonnerud, Patrik., Eriksson, Anders., Stal, Per., Tegner, Yelverton and Malm, Christer. “Effects of Long Term Supplementation of Anabolic Androgen Steroids on Human Skeletal Muscle.” PLoS ONE, 9.9, (2014): 1-11.