Terms and Conditions


Agreement/Concord/accord refers to these terms and conditions.

Company refers to a body that offers autonomous or self-regulating academic writing services to clients following the set standards as defined by the agreement. And for this case refers to Brainy Homeworks

Writers are all individuals that work with the company to create a product on a freelance (self-employed) basis under the company‚Äôs‚Äô terms and conditions.

Customer or client is the person who seeks academic writing assistance from the company to acquire product(s) or services following his or her instructions and requirement as stated in this stipulations and conditions.

Order refers to the request (electronic) from the client to buy a trustworthy service or product.

Order status states the progress of the paper at particular time and stage

Product defines the document in an electronic format once the order is completed. Product revision refers to an abridged report of the original product authorized by the client.

The support team is part of the company‚Äôs professionals responsible for evaluation and guarding the quality of the product and services provided to the clients.

Quality assurance department is the company‚Äôs organization structure tasked with guarding and evaluating the products quality and services provided by the company.

Messaging system refers to the company‚Äôs interactive communication feature that allows interactive sharing of messages between the client, support team, and the writer.

The verification process is a system followed by the customer to avoid fraudulent activities by confirming their billing identity with the company.

Store credit is the money report that belongs to the customer with the company.