Case Study

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1. Choose an appropriate Communication or Public Relations theory that you feel describes how the organization approaches this issue.
2. Next, question whether the oganization effectively use research, planning, communication, and evaluation.
4. Correctly cite your research used in either APR or MLA, and include a final bibliography.


Case Study

The organization under analysis is the Anti-Cancer Council. The issue at hand is an event that the organization is planning in order to raise funds for cancer patients. The public relations theory that is chosen for the analysis of the issue is the two-way asymmetric model. This theory states that feedback is crucial during communication with the publics but public relations practitioners should primarily aim at influencing the attitudes of the targeted audiences. In other words, organizational practices should not come in the way of efforts to influence the views of the audiences regarding the message. This theory advocates efforts by the communications practitioner to tailor his message in a manner that triggers the most appropriate reaction from the audiences. The theory also stresses the need for communication to be balanced.

The Anti-Cancer Council used an ethical approach in the way it provided information regarding the fun race event. It was also ethical of the organization to acknowledge that the facilities the organization would provide had been offered by various private donors and governments. However, it may have been better if the organization provided some of the names of those private donors and governments.

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In my opinion, the Anti-Cancer Council used research, planning, communication, and evaluation quite effectively. This is evident in the choice of day of the event, evaluation of various activities that would likely be interrupted by the fun race, as well as an assessment of and communication on weather conditions in the location of the event.  Thus, it seems that that quite a lot of planning went into the activity. With such meticulous planning, chances of winning over the audiences are high and the event is likely to become successful.

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