Choose a Corporate example of poor strategic formulation, assignment help

Q1: Choose a Corporate example of poor strategic formulation and poor strategic implementation. In 450 words, evaluate and explain what happened. What could have been done to change the formulation and evaluation?

Q2: After a project is successfully implemented, the resulting systems may be operational for several years. IT enhancements are often run as a series of small projects. Businesses generally want more enhancements than is affordable. Based on economic and technical feasibility considerations, and frameworks like the Balanced Scorecard, describe a process for deciding how you would plan to keep systems and the skills of your staff up to date (250 words)

The following resources may help you:

Read: Chapter 13 – Project Management and SDLC Chapter 13 – Project Management and SDLC.pptxVideo: What is Portfolio Management vs. Project Management? explains the difference between project management and portfolio management.
Video: Project Portfolio Management Defined describes managing a portfolio of projects.

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