Presentation Style: Students have total creative freedom including the use of Power Point or working notes (note cards not sheets of paper) as well as handouts that will enhance their presentation. INSTRUCTIONS  Each student will be assigned a person on the FBI’s Most Wanted Corporate Criminals lists  Each student is required to use the following resources for research: Forbes, BusinessWeek, The Economist, and any other business or legal journal that may provide necessary information about your corporate criminal and the type of crime.  Each student will submit one essay to include the following: 1. Cover Page (See sample from Pre-Perception Analysis packet) 2. Introductory paragraph (Titled: Introduction) to discuss general background information about the criminal. (i.e. demographic information, criminal activity – general information) 3. Section to discuss ethical/criminal issues/violations (Titled: Criminal Activity) 4. Closing paragraph to summarize finds. (Titled: Summary)

two pages essay and PowerPoint (PPT)

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