Week 7 Project – Creative Thinking

 Unit VII Project 

Read the scenario described in Application 14.1 on page 225 of the course textbook. You will use the information presented in Application 14.1 for the Unit VII Project. Select a persuasive format (white paper, newspaper Op-Ed piece, or blog post) to present your response. 

The following components should be included: 

 Your response should be a minimum of 4 pages.   Write the document for a specific target audience and with a clear goal and purpose that is evident from the content.  Present a clear opinion and position on the issue illustrated in Application 14.1.  Use logical and sound evidence to support your viewpoints.

Use in Tex Citing, APA Format, Word Templets can be used as visuals  

  • Posted: 7 months ago
  • Due: 09/06/2018
  • Budget: $10
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