Week 11 Discussion

Week 11 Discussion

Criminal Justice Research and Public Policy

Without research, responses to crime would be based on opinions, emotions, and other factors that do not contribute to a reduction in the crime rate. Now that you have reviewed research on a wide range of topics as well as drafted a policy recommendation based on in-depth research about a topic, you may have greater insight on the challenges facing researchers and the role of research in the development of criminal justice policy at large. You may also have a better idea of how such research may play a role in your own career.

For this Discussion read the Learning Resources reflect upon the role of research in helping to develop effective criminal justice policies.

Post by Day 3 the extent to which you believe evidence-based research informs the development of effective criminal justice policy and why. Support your response with an example from the literature. Next, explain whether evidence-based research will inform your future role as a criminal justice professional and why.

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