Use Excel to create a Gantt chart depicting a timeline of activities, Excel homework help

1. Suggestion: So the background gridlines don’t appear in the Gantt chart, at the very start of development, apply

a theme color of white to the whole worksheet…

2. Develop and format a Gantt chart using the problem description shown in AYK ‘Project 7, Time Management’ in

the textbook on page AYK5

a. The example shown below is only an example of what a Gantt chart looks like; the example below does

NOT reflect the actual solution for AYK Project 7.

3. Allow entry of a variable start date

4. Add rows to show the week number and start date of each week.

a. The start date for the first week is the same as the input variable

b. Calculate the start date for each successive week with the use of a formula

5. Use color to show the timeline and dependencies of each task

6. Add a few graphics for emphasis (Navigation: Insert > Shapes)

a. Add a ‘Shape’ to emphasize the fact that user input will be needed to develop the ‘look and feel’. Use

red lines and yellow ‘fill’ for the ‘Shape’.

b. Add a second ‘Shape’ to indicate this is a ‘draft’ version of the project’s Gantt chart

7. Use grid lines and color to ensure the Gantt chart presents nicely

8. Configure the page to print in landscape –on ‘legal’ sized paper. Use scaling if necessary so the Gantt chart

prints on a single page (Navigation: Page Layout > Orientation –and- Page Layout > Size). (There is no need to

actually print the spreadsheet. Use ‘print preview’ to confirm the print formatting is correct.)

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