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Based on the feedback you have received on your 1st assignment, begin writing a 3–4 page rough draft of the body paragraphs of your research paper, which should have a clear focus, problems and solutions, and reliable/scholarly sources as support. You should currently have a good supply of research notes to bring into each of your arguments. Be sure your rough draft includes the following:

  • An introduction that has been revised based on prior feedback
  • Body paragraphs organized around focused analysis and supporting evidence for each of the key points that you are researching
  • In-text citations and a reference page to document sources being used.

Feedback from the professor of assignment #1

The proposed hypothesis is good (and is interesting), but it is weak. Please consider re-writing it to make it stronger. For example, a hypothesis can be written like this:

“If [this is done], then [this will happen].”

The above is a prediction. The below example is also a prediction:

“If [a water spigot is turned on], then [water will come out of the facet].”

Here is an example of a hypothesis in the criminal justice system:

“If [drug addicts receive treatment], then [they are less likely to get arrested for drug possession].”

Here is your hypothesis:

“If [ ________ ] then [ ________ ].”

Fill in the blanks with the information from your own proposed experiment. Your hypothesis should be something that you can test. It’s called a testable hypothesis. In other words, you need to be able to measure “what will happen next.” Here is a good website that provides more information on writing a hypothesis: .

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