The three main reason diversity is important ,business and finance homework help

Respond to this post in 5 sentences or more agreeing, disagreeing, or adding more to it.

The three main reasons I think diversity is important , I think its the right thing to do, its about creating an equal opportunity environment for everyone, its not always about race,age , gender, it can also be your education level and experience. It can be good for business, companies that embrace diversity have competitors edge on new markets that other companies don’t. Diversity gives us opportunities to learn from others, by working with people from different backgrounds and experience, we can learn different views, diverse views make for better decision making.

My job changed supervisors over the holiday in 2016, and with company I work for there a saying that if you was a sorry worker then you can be a supervisor. Our supervisor is very lenient towards certain workers and it make a very low quality of work from some of the workers,certain people are treated differently. In the section I work, I work closely with two other people and we kinda keep each other motivated.

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