respond to student So, you’re officially going to be a woman, management homework help

Student one..(JasKing)

‘So, you’re officially going to be a woman. Although, just because you have your period doesn’t make you think that you’re grown, understand?! Now then, to explain what will be happening to you once you hit a certain age. You’re either going to be around 10 to 16 when this officially hits you. Some girls start this cycle earlier than others, however I, myself, started around 12. What a menstrual cycle, your period, is what I like to call Mother Nature’s monthly visit. Every time Mother Nature comes around is when you will start having pre-symptoms before your actual period starts. Your emotions are going to be wacky. Sometimes you’re going to want to cry and sometimes you’ll want to punch a wall or your brothers. I know they tend to be annoying but leave them alone and go about your business. They tend to last 4 to 7 days.

You’ll also get twinges of pain here and there around your lower abdomen. This is just the beginning. Now, don’t panic and go off screaming, I’m going to be with you every step of the way. Your period is when the little eggs you carry in your body are ready to pop. Now, don’t go thinking that they will literally pop but more or less they don’t have anywhere to go so they’re going to be sliding right out of you along with some blood. Alright, it sounds a lot scarier than it really is. You will be bleeding. You’re not going to die even though it feels like you are. The bleeding can either be spotty to a heavy flow. I’ll introduce you to pads and tampons in a second. You will get cramps. Cramps suck but we’ll get through it together. Some girls get them and some don’t. Some girls bleed lightly and some girls don’t. I’ll give you some pain meds and a heating pad to help soothe you. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those girls, so fingers crossed that this doesn’t affect you in anyway. I’m getting off track a bit. You’re going to start growing into your body. You will grow curves, breasts, and maybe even get a little taller. Hopefully, not taller than me because I can only handle so much being 5’2.

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