LanguageAcquisition and Symbol WeavingConflicting or Complementing Views?

LanguageAcquisition and Symbol WeavingConflicting or Complementing Views?
Scientists have developed a number ofdifferent theories about how (and for what purpose) children learn to speak.Two seemingly contrasting proposals emerge from these theories:
1)When it comes to language infants teach themselves and they do this primarilyso they can make sense of the world around them. From this point of viewlanguage acquisition is primarily a cognitive task.
2) Infants learn language as a creative emotional and interactive endeavorthrough social interaction with peers and primarily for the purpose of socialinteraction.
focus and reflect on the following questions:
Next response to the following scenario:
Oneof your friends is expecting her first child. She is part of a small group offirst-time parents who are eager to learn all they can about child development.Knowing that you are currently enrolled in a child development course yourfriend asks you to provide the group with information about languagedevelopment.
Consideringall that you read this week about children and language development:
Besure APA and to support your response with specific references to and/or examples fromthe readings.


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