Health Administration Leadership Competency Model

The history, definition, and use of Leadership Competency Models were addressed this week in Chapter 2 of your course text. The Health Administration Leadership Competency Model was specifically tailored to include interdisciplinary effectiveness. It consists of seven interrelated domains of competencies.
To prepare:

Review the Health Administration Leadership Competency Model on pages 50-58 of your text.
Identify someone with whom you have worked in the past who served as a leader.
Evaluate that person’s leadership skills according to the criteria identified by the seven domains of the model, i.e., Charting the Course, Inspiring Commitment, Developing Work Relationships, Structuring the Work Environment, Influencing, Communicating, and Self-Management.

By Day 4
Post a comprehensive response to the following:

What characteristics made that person an effective or ineffective leader? Please explain with reference to the Health Administration Leadership Competency Model.
What conflicts and challenges arose during your work together?
How did the leader assist in working through it?
Did you play a role in resolving the issue? If so, describe the situation.

Will provide textbook link if needed. 1 to 2 pages.

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