Essay Responsibilities

Essay Responsibilities

  • Define propaganda and persuasion. Include theorists, Jowett & O’Donnell, Jacques Ellul and Leonard Doob
  • Explain how propaganda and persuasion is deliberate, systematic and shapes perception
  • Cover how spin and news management can be presented as propaganda and persuasion
  • Forms of Propaganda
  • Historical periods: Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar

The essay must have three points of citation. You have to include (except for the first – which is already defined), at least one theorist included, examples, definitions and history in the essay. It needs to be four pages long, 12 pt font, Ariel or times roman and a reference page with citation information on it. It needs to be APA or MLA formatted and grammatically correct (I will take a lot of points off for badly written papers). Finally, if I find that you have plagiarized any portion of the paper (and I will check), you will receive an F…no excuses!

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