Does reality television represent ‘real life

Write 4 page essay on the topic Reality television.Reality shows are usually produced in the form of series, which include a bundle of events and dramatic situations.Some reality shows feature celebri

Write 4 page essay on the topic Reality television.

Reality shows are usually produced in the form of series, which include a bundle of events and dramatic situations.

Some reality shows feature celebrities whereas some shows consist of ordinary people. The prize for the winners of the reality shows is usually very astonishing and attractive, which makes celebrities and ordinary people participate in the shows.

Reality television shows in the UK have a mass appeal (Hill 2). The reality shows such as Big Brother, Wife Swap, and The Biggest Loser have been able to mark great success in the television industry. Reality television shows have become a real source of entertainment for the people and a source of generating high profits for the organizers.

The thesis statement for this essay is, “Does reality television represent ‘real life’?” Let us now discuss this statement in order to know whether reality television shows are close to real life or not.

In my view, the reality television shows do not represent a real life. I think reality television shows focus more on providing entertainment to the viewers rather than focusing on the essence of real life. Real life is very different from what is usually presented in the reality shows. Although the actions of a person in a reality show are based on different experiences of real life, yet the actions deviate from what that person does in his real life. “A reality show is not to be confused with a documentary, in which the subjects are asked to ignore the cameras and behave naturally” (Pollick). Real life is a mixture of different experiences and situations. Real life, as the name suggests, refers to reality in life rather than brining in some unnatural events in the life. In reality shows, people try to achieve things differently as compared to what they do in real life. The acts of a person are influenced by the artificial environment, which is created by the show organizers. In


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