civil rights movement

Research paper

The final paper should be at least 2500 words with an effective argument and scholarly sources.
THIS IS JUST A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHAT I WANT IN GENERAL THE INSTRUCTION AND BELOW)Please use the Chicago Style.  my research paper should be about civil rights movement and its impact on the united stated in terms of social mobility for African Americans, socio-economic growth, racial integration AND whatever else who may want to included. Please included PRIMARY and SECONDARY sources. I HAVE INCLUDED 2 SOURCES that I was looking at that you might find interring. Please included them in the bibliography ALONG with whatever else you choose to included
. All of the written assignments that you complete should will become part of your research essay, so it is incumbent that you treat each assignment as a component of a greater whole.

Here are some guidelines that I recommend you follow to ensure success:
All good papers have a strong thesis statement. This rule applies not only to the final research essay but to all of the component parts. The thesis statement for the research essay will be a cause/effect statement that can produce a coherent historical argument about civil rights movement and the impact on United States od America. As you develop a thesis statement, try to formulate something that you can prove given the sources you have. Use the word “because” somewhere in the thesis statement.
Research Writing: Elements and Stepsopens in a new window offers recommended online research resources

You will be expected to read at least two books and write two types of book reviews, again, focusing on the topic you have chosen to focus on for the research essay. The second of these two book reviews will be a modified version of a review essay, and will form a crucial part of the body of your final research essay. You should find interesting sources that will lead you to a topic you are interested in researching and writing about.

The paper will be written using the Chicago Style, incorporating footnotes and a bibliography with at least five academic sources, in addition to the two books you will review prior to writing the final research essay.
Chicago Manual of Styleopens in a new window Contains information from the Purdue Online Writing Lab on The Chicago Manual of Style method of document formatting and citation.
Research skills are vital to advanced level college work. Through research, you will develop higher level skills including techniques of historical research, developing and sustaining cohesive arguments, and integrating historical facts into comprehensive assertions about what they have learned. By synthesizing various perspectives and developing conclusions, the advanced level student will be able to identify and apply complex theoretical constructs.

URL endings offer a clue to the publisher:
.edu, the site is published by an educational institution that is responsible for its content. You will usually find reliable information there.

.org, the site is usually published by an organization. The information will reflect the values of the organization. For example, is published by the historians at Colonial Williamsburg and is an excellent source for information about early America. Websites like or are less objective sources. Information from sources like these will most likely have an obvious bias.

.gov, it is the site of a United States or a State government organization or agency.

.com, most sites end like this so you will have to do some investigation. The New York Times, like most news publications are .coms. If you or I started a website, it would also be a .com. You can find the publisher of most .coms through a site called If you haven’t heard of the publisher, you can search them and found out who they are. Can’t find out much about them? Perhaps it’s because they are not reputable sources. Think carefully before using them for your research.
The author of the article is another vital piece of information in determining credibility.
Use your search engine to find out about the author(s). See if they have expertise and knowledge in the field. You should also read the work critically. Are the authors presenting their own ideas or paraphrasing other authors? Do they cite sources in their writings? All authors write from a unique perspective (a.k.a., bias); what is the authors perspective? Do the authors position their viewpoints within a larger discussion on the topic? Authors with expertise will be able to describe how their own ideas are in agreement with or contradiction to other experts in the field.

What if the article has no author and it’s not in a reputable publication? Do you accept information from unnamed sources? Information from unnamed sources leads to essay conclusions that cannot be supported – or accepted – in this class.


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