Application Assignment

Application Assignment

Application Assignment

You will not be able to submit your next Application Assignment until this assignment has been submitted and graded.

Part 1: Use Google Maps to create an online map of imperialism. Using the countries studied in Unit 5, create an Imperialist Google Map. Make sure to include the following countries/regions: Southeast Asia, India, Latin America, and Africa.

Label the following on your Imperialist Google Map:

The top ten imperialist powers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

“Pushpin” each country

Include in the information box the years, details, reasons for colonization, and so forth

The top areas of the world that were colonized and controlled by these imperialist powers (include arrows from the imperialist nations to the areas of the world they controlled)

“Pushpin” each of the dominated countries

Include in the information box the years, details, reasons for colonization, year freedom was achieved and how

For an online tutorial of Google Maps, go to this website. Part 2: Now that you’ve completed your map choose one area you highlighted and type a half-page explanation about the impact you believe colonization had on that area. This is an opinion paper but you should use specific examples from this unit to back up your opinionsAfter you have completed your map and explanation you will need to share them by clicking the share button at the top right hand corner of the map. Copy and paste your explanation into the “share whats new” box. Then type in the instructor’s email address ( and click the “send an email to” selection and click share.


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