ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS with supporting references

1.How has title VII of the Civil Rights Act impacted the hiring practices of today’s business and do you feel it is achieving the desired results?

2.what are some differences between Hostile Work Environment and Quid Quo Sexual Harassment? Give an example of each 3.How are agency law part contract law and part tort law and how do these two combine to shape the working relationship 4.Discuss the various types of agency and the legal duties each creates 5.Workers’ compensation and OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Act) provide workers with the framework for safe working conditions and compensation for injuries that occur at work. How does this system impact business? 6.Consider how unions have changed over the years and whether it is simply a matter of time before all states are “right-to-work” states or whether unions will grow in stature and strength in the years to come. 7.Consider the elements that are common among the systems as you explore workplace disputes and how managers play a key role along with the Human Resource Department

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