Accounting Essay

4 Fundamental Features of a High Quality Accounting Essay

There are 4 precise features unique to an accounting essay, and which define its quality rating. Inclusion of analytical Calculations is only one of them. Here are the rest!

Few students ever realize that an essay is primarily characterized by its discipline of focus. An essay is not just an essay, and the structure of flow that may attain high-quality marks in nursing, will attain a fail in accounting. So what makes an accounting essay stand out? What should the student focus on when creating that essay for the accounting course? Here are the five things that an essay in accounting should never miss!

Fundamental Features at the heart of an Accounting Essay

  • Structural Layout

The first requirement when writing any essay, in accounting or any other discipline, is a 3-tier structure. To begin with, an essay must always be launched from a solid introductory paragraph. As part of the introduction, the essay must (a) introduce the topic, issue or subject under discussion otherwise called objectives, (b) provide an overview of what the essay contains, (c) offer the thematic statement otherwise called the thesis statement, and finally (d) a lead sentence to the body of the essay. The following example provides a guideline to the four components of an essay introduction:

  • The discussion that follows exclusively focused on … (Topic)
  • In the paragraphs that follow, the discussion will … (Overview)
  • It is evident that, any economic stimulus by a national government can … (Thesis)
  • In the next paragraph, the discussion will first evaluate the significance of a national economic stimulus on … (Lead)

Once the introduction segment is accomplished, the essay then develops into the second tier of its structural layout, namely the body. The body of an accounting essay captivates the main component of the discussion, argument, and or review. This section can complement theory and research, where each argument is accompanied by relevant calculations or statistical analysis. As a mandate, the body of an accounting essay should provide:

  • Proposal and validation for an argument for each paragraph
  • Comprehensive response to the essay requirements or directives
  • Accompanying calculations or statistical calculations
  • Connected logic into the overall thesis of the essay
  • Figures and tables to complement the textual arguments given (if required)

Once the body is comprehensively delivered, the accounting essay should then progress to a conclusion, as the third tier of the layout. This section provides an overview of the entire essay, leading to a conclusion that meets the requirements or directives for the essay. In many ways, the conclusion does exactly the opposite of what an introduction does for an essay. The conclusion should however not be a rewording of the introduction, and its quality determines the overall quality of the essay. A good conclusion should:

  • Draw the argument or discussion towards a mature end (conclusion)
  • Sum up the key elements of the body
  • Restate the thesis statement by drawing from the body of the essay
  • Make a conclusive statement of the topic/concern/issue in focus (based on the requirements or directives for the essay)
  • Typology of Content

The present article has concentrated so much on the structural layout of an accounting essay (the foregoing section), mainly because it is the layout that defines the final quality of the assay. For instance, the layout defines the typology of the content included in the essay. A good essay in accounting however, is unique in the type of content required, whether for the introduction, body, or conclusion.

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A good essay in accounting should be informative, accurate, fact-based, and in congruence with an accountancy audience. The use of statistical analysis and calculations as the basis of all arguments or deductions, fiscal or otherwise, is mandatory,. Other unique features of an essay in accounting include:

  • No opinion or opinionated statement
  • Relevant and correct in-text citations fort all statements
  • Accurate derivations from theory, calculations, or statistical analysis
  • Formulaic consistency with standard mathematical conventions
  • Solid backing for all arguments towards the conclusion as required by the essay guidelines
  • Specificity and Accuracy

Again, it is important to reiterate that accounting essays are uniquely fact-based and specific. The discussions and arguments otherwise present in other types of essays are replaced with logical and statistical derivations for any essay in accounting. As noted in the foregoing section on content typology, any essay in accounting must necessarily have formulaic consistency, be based on accurate derivations, and have a firm/solid backing of theory, calculations, or statistical analysis.

As such, besides using correct in-text citations, the essay can only use standard mathematical conventions that can be confirmed by the reader with accuracy. The statements must not only be precise, but also accurate, thus building a logical flow of what leads to what, and why. On the overall, the essay should not leave any room for variations, ambiguous meanings, and abstract statements.

  • Language and Presentation

Finally, accountants have a unique usage of language. The accountancy jargon relies on being specific, accurate, fact-based, and statistically fluent. Of concern here is not the numbers of words used, but the (a) fact/theory/calculation from which the argument is drawn, (b) the argument or statement, (c) derivative logic of the why, (d) new proposal based on the derivations, and (d) implications of the proposed fact. Common derivative statements in an accounting essay include:

  • By virtue of …
  • On the grounds that …
  • Given that…
  • This implies that …
  • Based on … etc.

The language must however attain logical flow. The essay should be connected from one point to the next, and then retain congruence with essay instructions or requirements. Accountancy is about statistical accuracy and specificity, and so should be the language used. Always remember that the target audience is most predictably specialized in accounting, and the language used should therefore much the accountancy lingua. When the layout, content type, accuracy, and language of the essay are perfected, the result is a stellar accounting essay.

Sociology Essay

Core of a Sociology Essay: Mastering the Art of a Sociologist on Paper 

Before you master the art of writing a sociology essay, you must first think like a sociologist. Simply, understand the why and the how, before you start writing!

Sociology is the study or knowledge of social relationships and society. In essence, sociology is the intellectual venture of interpreting and understanding human behavior from a social-scientific platform, where social interactions, social relationships, culture, and modernization, are theoretically patterned and generalized. From this background, it is important to understand the rare and unique features of a sociology essay. Understand this feature, and your essay will predictably attain unquestionable quality.

What Makes an Essay in Sociology Unique?

  • The Relationship-Centered Theme

Any sociology essay, regardless of the question or requirements on which it is based, must be anchored on human behavioral patterns. The issue under discussion may vary, but all issues sociology must be anchored on an underlying theme of human relationships. It is therefore advisable that the essay must be developed from a template of relationship-cantered social themes, and then developed towards the issue of concern.

A sociologist understands and interprets the quality of an essay based on how well it represents and characterizes issues from the perspective of social relationships. The essay should indeed be created towards the consensus of human relationships, and then be developed in the direction of the instructions or requirements provided. Importantly, therefore, an essay must be in congruence with the undertone of human behavior i.e. how does the topic relate to or influence human behavior/relationships?

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The essay might focus on such varied institutions as marriage and schooling, such themes as feminine movements or factionalism, and issues like social status or suicide. Yet in its presentation, regardless of which divergent topic is under discussion, the essay should be approached from the perspective of social relationships. That is how the essay will be marked, and should therefore be written from that perspective. Above everything else therefore, a sociology essay must be written from the prism of social relationships regardless of the topic or issue under discussion.

  • Matrix of a Social-Science Theory

Being a scientific study of human behavior, sociology is a social science. Whether addressing the dynamics of social change, crime, social status, social stratification, societal disorders, social movements, or social revolutions, and such other concerns in sociology, the essay must always deliver arguments based on science. This explains why a sociology essay needs in-depth literature review, and all statements and arguments should be backed by accurate in-text referencing.

Assuming the mantel of a sociologist, therefore, the essay must deliver its arguments based on current theories in social science. This eliminates presence of opinion statements and expressions. Social theory is in the very heart of sociology and must therefore be integrated into the essay content. Indeed, the very basis from which all arguments must projected, and a fulcrum upon which the overall essay is eventually evaluated is theory. An essay that does not integrate theory and or the derivations therefrom will neither appease a sociologist, nor get the mark you desire.

  • Generalization and Prediction: The Big Picture

Given that a sociology essay is theory-dependent, as discussed above, it is also important to note that the essay is not exclusively a theoretical analysis. What the essay must therefore do is to develop generalizations and predictions based on the social theory. The best approach is to identify and briefly highlight a relevant social theory, and therefrom derive implications for the essay topic. The theory thus helps develop an argument with which you can derive generalizations.

A good example will be when writing about crime variations based on socio-economic variables. There are tens of theories relating to the socio-economic context of crime, perhaps the most notable being the Rational Actor Theory. Once the Rational Actor Theory is cited in the background, the essay can then progress to making derivative summations of how crime rates are determined by the economic context of the actors.

As such, a good essay in sociology will use a theory for its background, progress to make derivative arguments, and conclude with a generalized statement on the issue at hand. That sigma of Theory-Argument-Generalized conclusion is central to a sociologist’s line of thought, and is therefore essential to the essay writing process. When creating your essay, think like a sociologist, where theory makes varied implications that can then be generalized for the larger society (big picture).

  • Structure, Flow and Connectedness

The final concern for the present article is critical to all types of essays besides a sociology essay. A good essay has an introduction, body, and conclusion, where each of these sections can be subtitled if the length of the essay is above two pages. Further, these subsections of the essay need to flow into each other symmetrically and with a flowing connectedness. The sociologist looks for flow and connectedness within the essay, where one idea leads to the next with logical order.

The sections and paragraphs all through the essay should develop to each other. The introductory paragraph exemplified below illustrates how to combine structural alignment, flow, and connectedness into a single paragraph:

Feminist sociology provides a conflict theoretical perspective into the issues of gender and their relation to social power and power structure (introduction to the topic). The present essay links culture to the interaction of power and gender, from the perspective of a woman (Lead sentence). As argued below, Gilman’s (1933) proposed the feminism theory in agreement with subsequent theorists including Crenshaw (1989), McCann (2016) and Crossman (2018), agree that feminism is a product of the underlying culture (summary of essay contents and guide to the next section).

The foregoing example of an introductory paragraph should be the platform on which all other paragraphs in the body and conclusion should be created. A good sociology essay perfects its development process from a theory-based statement, derivations, and ultimately generalized conclusions with logical flow and order. From the perspective of a sociologist, essays should be interconnected progressively from the introduction, to the conclusion.


In conclusion, therefore, a great sociology essay should be written from the perspective of a sociologist. Important to a sociologist when reading your essay, will be the undertone of a relationship-centered theme, the basis of a social-science theory (theoretical basis), mature generalization, and prediction for the big picture, alongside convention essay requirements of a good layout, flow, and interconnectedness. Get these factors right, and you will have created a masterpiece of an essay.

Buy Speech

Why Should You Buy Speech Transcripts: 3 Reasons for Seeking, the Experts

There are times when you are expected to create a speech and you have no idea what to include in it. Worry not, just buy speech transcripts customized for you by a professional, and deliver a masterpiece.

You may have asked yourself severally, why you should buy speech transcripts from instead of preparing the speech yourself. There is the worry about originality, perhaps, but more significant is your concern of whether such a speech will sound genuine. You wonder whether the customized speech you buy would be better than the one you prepare. Regardless of whether such a speech is for a course assignment or for a professional purpose, this article briefly highlights the justifications of buying a speech transcript created by one of our experienced professionals.

When Do You Buy Speech Transcripts?

As mentioned above, the question of why is more common than when you should buy the transcripts, It is almost never in doubt when you need the speech and when you do not. You would only buy a speech transcript when you need it most. For a student, you may find that your assignment this week is to create and deliver a quality speech. Alternatively, you may find that will be graduating this weekend, and you have to deliver three if not five speeches on that day.

Beyond the domain of a course requirements, however, you may find that your best friend desperately requested you to give a speech during their key event, or your boss directs you to prepare a short speech during a product launch. Or you are invited, in honor, to attend and speak during a critical occasion at you former college. You won this year’s performance award, and you will have to deliver an acceptance speech, in front of your boss. Or your company was invited by an elite client to attend an event during which you will deliver a brief speech.

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The above are just but a few examples of the circumstances during which you must create a perfect speech transcript. Not only is the speech critical, it is also mandatory. The question that immediately pops up in your mind is, what will you say? What should you cover or focus on? How do you decide on what to say, how to say it, and to which targeted end? In most times, such questions yield overwhelming fear and apprehension. The speech you deliver may break or make you, your social esteem, and or your career. Anxiety is unavoidable.

Why Buy a Customized Speech Transcript?

  • Delivering Quality with Class: Beyond the Casual

One of the main reasons why you should buy speech transcripts, in any of these scenarios, is the need to craft a great speech. A good speech is not just a collection of words for an orator to read, but also a strategic, succinct, and comprehensive presentation of your unique viewpoint, which captivates both quality and class. A greet speech stands out for what it covers and how it relates its assorted components.

One of the reasons why many instructors always include a speech as part of the class assignments is because of how demanding and skillful speech writing really is. From planning to layout, and from coverage to connectivity, a speech is a complex assembly of related statements. You can include very important information in the speech, but still under-perform in how such information is presented. You might alternatively have a great presentation without value, or have a pile of non-essentials creatively inserted into a rhyming speech.

It has been said that a perfect speech says much with few words. What this generalization denotes is the need to arrange what you say and how you say it, masterfully, and then artistically contribute to a discussion with a personalized reflection. Such a speech requires experience and skill, where you package new knowledge, highlight implications of current knowledge, exemplify your understanding of that knowledge in practice, and most importantly, add your unique personal contribution, within a few words.

Presenting all that within a singular short speech is not a casual adventure. It is therefore recommended that you should buy speech transcript when you need a great speech created. The process needs skill and experience, as well as the artistic brilliance of a professional speech writer. Save yourself from the disappointment of knowing what to include in a speech, and how to arrange it. Entrusting a professional to create your speech may be the only way you deliver quality that earns you extra credit and commendation.

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  • Time Limitations and the Value Question

Above the need for quality, however, you may also have limited time to dedicate to the preparation for a speech. Saving time is therefore the second reason why you should buy a speech transcript. Little, if any, benefit comes from dedicating so much time that could otherwise have been used in more significant course engagements, to the preparation of a speech. Although a speech is often required as a course assignment, little academic learning accrues from speech preparation.

When you decide to buy speech transcripts, you can use that time in other worthwhile activities such as research, course readings, and term papers. The question of time limitations covers not only the students who have a speech as a course assignment, but also professionals who prefer having a professional craft their customized speeches. Instead of spending so much time preparing what might still be a substandard-quality speech, why not entrust a professional to mold a perfect speech for you within a few hours?

  • Competitive Advantage of Professional Expertise

The third important reason why buying a speech transcript is preferable is when the speech needs professional expertise. You may want to stand out in your field of practice (for professionals) or area of study (for students) as a professional. This calls for uniqueness and credence. You need the speech to present a person who is competitively informed, well versed in current knowledge, and unique in contributing to the gap in current knowledge.

To do so, therefore, you need a professional to prepare a speech backed by in-depth research. Whether for professional or an academic purpose, you may require a speech created with skill and specialized expertise that only a qualified professional can master. At such times, it would be better to consult a professional, and buy speech transcripts that are not only captivating, but also high-end in quality.

Psychology Essay

5 Unique Features of a Psychology Essay

A great psychology essay must have several unique features when compared to any other type of essays. Here are 5 things you must include.

Psychology is the study of human behavior and the underlying human mind. Having developed into a major academic discipline, psychology now covers a broad array of concepts and areas of study. Similarly, courses in psychology are as diverse as they are unique. Creating an essay for any of these courses requires you to attain not only the guidelines for a general standard essay, but also some unique features only relevant and critical in psychology. The present guideline identifies and briefly discusses 5 of these unique features of a psychology essay.

Features Unique to an Essay in Psychology

  • Question-Dependent Focus

One of the most notable features of a psychology essay is that it is question-dependent. What the essay covers, and how the issue or concern under review is approached, highly relies on the question asked. The same case study may yield completely unique essays for the same student, if the question posed differs. It is common for professors to twitch the same essay requirements for each student lot with a seemingly slight variations, yet such a small variation ultimately changes the entire essay requirements.

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As such, the first and perhaps most important steps of creating an essay for a psychology course is to understand the question. If you miss or forget any element of the question, regardless of how minor such an element is, your essay will either fail or barely pass. Always remember that an essay in psychology is largely determined by the question posed. Your essay plan should start on and with the question. Understand the question first, before you start even the first sentence of the essay. Otherwise, no matter how well you eventually write the essay, you will fail.

  • Linked Structural Sequence

Secondly, unlike any other essay in the social sciences, a psychology essay heavily relies on presentation sequence. Psychology is based on the cause-effect sequencing of rationale, where certain mental processes predict a certain behavior. The structure of a psychology essay therefore, must adopt this cause-effect sequence. The essay starts with the background information that triggers the issue in focus, and then develops into a discussion of effects.

More than any other type of essays, therefore, essays in psychology demand detailed background information. Rather than simply focus on one dimension of the issue identified by the essay requirements, always go further and highlight the predicating factors relating to the issue as part of the discussion. The essay must always approach the discussion from a cause-effect perspective.

Caution must however be taken in ensuring that causes and effects are well linked. The essay should always show how the cause triggers the effect, and vice versa. Always start with the background of the issue under discussion, and then develop into the issue with logical flow. Remember that any issue addressed by the essay is either a cause or an effect, which should link to the other convincingly. This sequencing is mandatory yet only unique for essays in psychology.

  • Case-Dependent but Globalized Themes

The third unique feature of psychology essays is being case dependent. As Watson (1913) defined psychology, thus is the science of behavior and the mental processes that trigger such behavior among organisms (the standard accepted definition of psychology). The concept under discussion in an essay may be a standard concept in psychology, but the essay must always relate that concept to the case under review. The mental processes involved in every selected case have district implications to the issues.

To exemplify, the essay may be focused on the notion of drug abuse and addiction. However, the focus of the essay will vary depending on whether the issue is evaluated for African-American youth, Caucasian youths, liberal populations in Western Europe, slum dwellers, or music celebrities. To each of these target populations, the standard knowledge on drug addiction will apply, but with varied implications for each case.

Consequently, while the essay may be focused on a general and standard area in psychology (i.e. drug abuse), the essay must also apply such a concept to the case study given. Indeed, when the theme of the essay may have a global scope, the essay must retain its focus on the case study given. Such globalized yet localized themes are only unique to essays in psychology.

  • Evaluative Judgement

Not only do essays in psychology ascribe to case-dependent focus, but they also require an evaluative judgement. The essay always renders judgement for each specific case, based on an informed evaluation of current knowledge. For example, addressing the case of drug abuse must first start with an evaluation of whether there is such an abuse. As such, psychology essays therefore always carry summative judgments that are backed by evaluations of why the judgement is made, for every case under discussion.

  • In-Depth Referencing

Being a science, psychology is a fact-based discipline. As such, psychology essays require every statement to be backed by a reliable set of peer-reviewed literature. Even the evaluative judgments offered cannot be based on opinion, but credible reference as denoted by in-text citations. A good essay interlinks all statements with relevant citations, not only for the cause but also for the effect. Having a solid literature base of references always adds into the quality of any essay in psychology.


In conclusion, a good essay in any psychology course needs much more that the standard requirements of an essay. The foregoing discussion has highlighted the main features that are unique to an essay in psychology, which while commendable in other disciplines, are mandatory in psychology. Always remember that a psychology essay has a question-dependent focus, links its form to the cause-effect sequence, is case-dependent despite covering globalized themes, incorporates evidenced evaluative judgements, and must be backed by in-depth referencing. Get this right, and your essay will score for quality with elegance.

Research Paper Help

What You Should Always Get when You Seek for Research Paper Help

Before you pay to get a custom research paper, always know what you are going to get in return. In other words, what does research paper help include?

Whether you are preparing for a research paper as a group or as an individual, the process of creating a research paper is often overwhelming. The number of hours required when creating drafts and gradually improving them towards the final paper is perhaps more than you can accommodate. Then the demanding and rigorous process of library research, and the need to attain optimal quality, further complicates the process. At such times, you may opt to seeking customized research paper help from the professionals, at a fee. The question then becomes, what do you get as part of that package?

Understanding the Research Paper Premise

Seeking the services of professional academic writer is not in any way related to being lazy. Wanting the best quality delivered within a limited timeline maybe the best available option for you, in most cases. Consider when the time you have, your busy schedule with other engagements, and your access to quality standard materials. While you would otherwise want to finish your assignments in person, consulting the professionals is well advised when chances of creating a quality research paper are delimited.

What you need is to pass that course. Having attended all the sessions, read widely, and gained a solid understanding of the course, you will still need to dedicate both time and effort writing for the final research paper. Yet regardless of how good you are in the course, you might receive a fail if the research paper you submit falls below standard quality. This reality provokes the question of a quality research paper.

Seeking for research paper help is well advised, when you consider the formalized and highly systematic process of creating a good research paper. While it may not add value to your understanding of the course, research papers come with very specific requirements. A good research paper needs strategic referencing, a systematic and developmental structure, logical sequencing of arguments, a discipline-specific language (jargon), and scholarly academic writing skills.

Simply buying a research paper package exclusively customized for you eliminates the need to do all these, at a very marginal cost. The time and effort you would otherwise spend neither add to your knowledge as a scholar, nor makes your credit score more deserved. In the final analysis, all that matters is the score you get for the course, after submitting the research paper. Why not take the easiest, and predictably the best, available option? Simply hire a professional writer, and score an exemplary credit and avoid the unnecessary bother.

Customized Research Paper Package

When a company or writer is offering a research paper package, they are simply offering you personalized research paper help. These are qualifies professional writers who not only know how to create a high-quality research paper, but also customize the research paper for you. This goes beyond getting a general research paper because yours comes with specific instructions and requirements.

Instructors may uniquely shape their requirements and directions for a research paper. You task is to create a research paper in the confines of those requirements.  While two research papers may have a near similar or similar research topic, they always attain very different papers in several dimensions, namely:

  • How you evaluate current knowledge on the topic (using in-depth literature review)
  • How you define the gap in knowledge (identifying what is still not known)
  • The research method and process/procedure you use to fill the gap in knowledge
  • How you derive findings from the research process (present new knowledge)
  • How you draw conclusions and recommendations from the research findings (implications of new knowledge)

The foregoing list helps illustrate the scientific process of creating a quality research paper. It also validates why your research paper must be uniquely customized just for you. Identifying what to research within a broad topic is a personal venture, only attained by comparing what is already known (based on a critical synthesis of peer-reviewed literature) to what is still unknown (with justified value or need/significance).

Further, the paper must also have justifications for the empirical or secondary research methods and approaches you use. This predicates an evidence-based assembly of research findings, as derived from the implementation of your research methods. Finally, the paper must present those findings as the new knowledge attained by your research process. In essence, this is the role and intent of any research paper for any course or discipline.

This explains why you should always get a customized package when you seek for research paper help. The paper must convincingly pass through all these steps to attain a credible quality, which often requires immense volumes of time and effort. The professional consultant however, is skilled and experienced in writing such a paper, and can easily attain optimal quality within a very short period. What could take you months to create, can take only a few hours in the hands of a qualified professional.

What Should You Get as Research Paper Help?

After deciding to save the time and effort required to create a research paper, which advances your knowledge with minimal if any value, the next step is to determine where to seek for research paper help. The package you pay for must therefore incorporate several significant benefits. Only if these benefits are included, should you pat for a research paper package. As such, the benefits of a research paper package include:

  • A specific research topic and research purpose (objective)
  • Attention to detail when tracing a gap in current knowledge
  • Formalized layout with relevant titles and subtitles (thematic structure of the research paper)
  • A 100% level of originality
  • A non-negotiable zero percent rate of plagiarism
  • Strict accordance with given instructions
  • Personalized service to attain your preferences and directions
  • In-depth literature review, adequate in-text citations, and the consequent referencing list
  • Timely and reliable delivery within a specific deadline

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