10 questiones after reading book

10 simple questiones after read book chapter 6~8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By7D8EOhSp5jTnpBN… Book is shared by link. You may need to use CTRL+F to locate where is the question on the book.

  • Why is the attitude of team members at least as important as the aptitude for decision making and problem solving?
  • Should ineffective team members ever be removed from the group?
  • What kinds of goals work best to build a team?
  • Should team roles be chosen by team members?
  • Which style of leadership, directive or participative, is usually most effective with teams? In all situations?
  • How does fear diminish teamwork and team effectiveness?
  • What means do groups have of coping with information overload?
  • Why does confirmation bias lead to defective decision making/problem solving?
  • What are the primary, general sources of collective inferential errors?
  • What causes group think?
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